Every Saturday @ 2:00 

25c bingo

Twenty five cents for a card or 5 cards for $1. 

Winner splits pot with the campground, with all proceeds going directly to the kinds activity fund.

Halloween in the Park - July 29th 2017

Fun for the whole family with free activities for the kids. Face painting, pumpkin (melon) carving, Bobbing for apples and other fun stuff. Trick or treating after supper when the kids dress up in their costumes

Christmas in the Park - August 26th 2017

Christmas in August! Tree trimming, Ginger Bread Cookie decorating, finished off with a bicycle parade with Santa himself!! Parents are asked to bring a gift for Santa to give out to their children.

Survivor! (adults) - August 12, 2017

Finally some fun for the adults!  This year we are returning to the four set team style. Looking for four teams to compete in fun filled challenges  

Swim Meet - July 14th, 2017

Part of our Old Home Week celebrations.  
Children 0-16 compete in different swimming races. 
Registration begins at 1:30pm at the Campground office & Races to begin at 2:00pm 

Old Home Week - July 14-22, 2017

Join the village of Saint Martins in celebrating 'Old Home Week'  Week long festivities throughout the village that are fun for the whole family. 

Some activities include:

Co-ed Softball Tournement --- Country Music shows --- Communitiy-Wide yard sale & flea market --- The Amazing Race --- Casino Night --- Bicycle Races & Go-Kart Races --- Fishing Contests --- Washer Toss

Annual Parade

Fireworks at the Park

Fireworks on the beach every Canada Day here at the park! 

We end each camping season with a beach fire and fireworks as well.


50/50 every weekend here at the park

We go around Friday and Saturday nights from site to site to sell tickets, then on Saturday night we make the big draw.

 Half of the proceeds going to a lucky camper, and the other half going directly towards the children's activity fund.